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Who or what is The Best of You might not come to mind immediately. So take a few quiet moments now and think about what you have accomplished in your life so far. Think about what others have accomplished and how their actions inspire you to be The Best of You.

Your story can come in any creative medium of your choice. It can be a written story about how you trudged through tough times and came out a better person, a painting of an inspirational figure, or a short poem accompanying a photo of a prized possession.

Remember, your shared story might just be a life-changing experience for yourself and many others. So, take some time out and reflect. Share with us The Best of You.

How to Take Part

1. Express “The Best of You” through any format – we’re looking for illustrations, paintings, photography, films, songs, poetry, writings on the wall and more.

2. Upload your submission. Refer to the following diagram for instructions on where you should upload your submission.

Art, Design & Photography

2D or 3D media, paintings, drawings, ceramics, sculpture, jewelry, mixed media, and installations.

Upload your artwork (or photograph of your physical artwork) to Facebook or Instagram. Ensure your settings are “Public”.

Writing & Testimonials

Personal testimonials, quotes, poetry, short stories and other written explorations not exceeding 500 words.

Type into the Submission Write-Up field and support your writing by presenting it creatively in an image uploaded to Facebook or Instagram.

Film & Music

Short films, video blogs or video testimonials.
Music entries include original compositions, instrumental or otherwise.

For video submissions, upload your work to Facebook or YouTube. For audio, you may follow the instructions here to upload the file to YouTube.


If you’re thinking of something that we’ve missed out, show us your idea by submitting your work to our Others category.

Objects such as mementos (an article of clothing, toys, letters); anything that tells your story. Upload it onto Facebook or Instagram.


3. Include the hashtag #thebestofyou

4. Complete the submission form. Fill in some personal details (so that we can contact you if your submission gets chosen for our exhibition) and information about your submission, such as short description of less than 500 words.

* View “The Best of You” Submission Terms & Conditions

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The Best of You